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  • Initiation with Owner's Teams;

  • Concept Selection;

  • Scoping Preliminary Design;

  • Definition;

  • Sponsors Project Requirements, Project Execution Plan

  • Cost Budgeting, Cashflow Distribution;

  • Scheduling, Tracking, Updating;

  • Earned Value Methodology;

  • Progress Reviews, Payment Certs;

  • Commercial and Technical Terms Administration;

  • Owner's Ref for Design Teams;

  • Project Oversight - Audit/Forensic 

  • Monitoring of Construction Contractors;

  • Risk:

    • Planning;

    • Identification;

    • Quantification;

    • Analysis;

    • Management;

    • Monitoring

  • Training:

    • Project Management;

    • Project Scheduling and Controls;

    • Project Safety and Field Supervision;

Refinery Turnaround, Process Plant, Midstream Downstream Oil and Gas, Newfoundland
offshore oil rig exploration production newbuild repair marine engineering fabrication semi-submersible Houston Newfoundland
PM Work Process Flow Chart, Stage Decision Gate, Quality Procedure
  • Project Management Systems Development:​

    • Project Management Office (PMO) Installation;

    • Development, Implementation, and Operation;

    • TTGFG's (Templates, Tools, Guidelines, Forms, and Go-Bys), Metrics, Reporting;

    • Portfolio Balancing, Ranking


When not out on the front lines of projects performing specific roles in construction, fabrication, work process development, and other types of projects, LPS Inc president

Gary Kennedy, P. Eng., PMP, and his associates offer:

  • Pre-packaged intermediate - to - advanced PM workshops,   click:

  • Client-customized advanced PM sessions, see sample topics, click


We believe in an interactive and light-hearted approach to demonstrate recommended Project Management methodologies and real-life project management issues in a variety of industry sectors.

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