• Initiation with Owner's Teams;

  • Concept Selection;

  • Scoping Preliminary Design;

  • Definition;

  • Sponsors Project Requirements, Project Execution Plan

  • Cost Budgeting, Cashflow Distribution;

  • Scheduling, Tracking, Updating;

  • Earned Value Methodology;

  • Progress Reviews, Payment Certs;

  • Commercial and Technical Terms Administration;

  • Owner's Ref for Design Teams;

  • Project Oversight - Audit/Forensic 

  • Monitoring of Construction Contractors;

  • Risk:

    • Planning;

    • Identification;

    • Quantification;

    • Analysis;

    • Management;

    • Monitoring

  • Training:

    • Project Management;

    • Project Scheduling and Controls;

    • Project Safety and Field Supervision;

Refinery Turnaround, Process Plant, Midstream Downstream Oil and Gas, Newfoundland
offshore oil rig exploration production newbuild repair marine engineering fabrication semi-submersible Houston Newfoundland
PM Work Process Flow Chart, Stage Decision Gate, Quality Procedure
  • Project Management Systems Development:​

    • Project Management Office (PMO) Installation;

    • Development, Implementation, and Operation;

    • TTGFG's (Templates, Tools, Guidelines, Forms, and Go-Bys), Metrics, Reporting;

    • Portfolio Balancing, Ranking