LPS Advisors & Associates

LPS Inc is a small, versatile company that has a successful history of engaging other consultants and building larger teams. This is thanks to the expertise of advisors and associates such as the professionals profiled below. 

Paul Lee Profile Photo 2020-10-27.jfif

Capt. Paul Lee

POAC/Mooring Master 

Teekay Marine Solutions 

Houston, Texas, USA

J R (Ric) Massie, Jr., PE, PMP
Senior Executive Consultant 

DLJ Engineers & Consultants
Houston, Texas, USA

Dave Kennedy
Indigenous Strategist and Negotiator

President - Strategic Aboriginal Consulting Inc.
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Special Team - AvaLantic Alliance:

AvaLantic Alliance is a group of Project Management Consultants based in Atlantic Canada.
AvaLantic includes very experienced project specialists that are independent consultants. As trusted friends and former coworkers we are prepared to quickly team up as opportunities arise.

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