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SURVIVAL is... an Aligned Team


Working together on multiple assignments, receiving thorough training, and getting stern leadership from a top notch Chief Petty Officer... high performance crews are very familiar with who has to do what (i.e. Work Processes) during their many duties, such as firefighting training, damage control training, military communications, navigation, person-overboard exercises, and range training (I was privileged to spend a few years in the RCN Naval Reserves in the mid-1980's). The crew becomes better ALIGNED, more efficient, more confident, and most importantly SAFER!!!



I wrote this navy-themed article using a construction article (see "Happiness is... an Aligned Team") as the template. I think it's a worthy comparison to show the alignment similarities. It also reminds me that military training is a great ancient example of how CRITICAL it is to be well trained and well aligned with your team, with clear role descriptions for distinct trades yet have several areas of common training. For example, the entire crew knows how to perform in such critical SURVIVAL areas such as military defense, shipboard firefighting, and damage control. The crew needs to perform like clockwork to SURVIVE harsh or hostile environments.

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