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Project Change Management Discussion - Part C

By Gary Kennedy, P. Eng., PMP

(2022-10-29) Part C - Project Change Management. In addition to my previous Project Change Management posts (Parts A & B), I have listed a few examples of documents or posts (not in any particular precedence, authority, or order), that you can Web-Search via keywords such as:

- Ref ISO article: "How Change is addressed within ISO 9001:2015";

- Ref PMI Paper: Millhollan, C. (2008). Scope change control: control your projects or your projects will control you! Paper presented at PMI® Global Congress 2008—North America, Denver, CO. Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute;

- Ref CII Knowledge Base Change Management;

It's interesting to Web-Search using those strings of text instead of clicking a direct link, because numerous other helpful results will tend to appear, especially if you include the title of the organizations in your searches:

More Examples (not sorted in any order or authority):

- AACE: 100R-19: Contract (and Schedule) Change Management;

- PWGSC: Procedures for Design Change or Additional Work;

- Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) Forms and Discussions;

- (Note: Some portions of the above Organizations' Docs may be subject to membership access).

WHY is this IMPORTANT? As I said in previous "Part B":

Developed from "...LESSONS LEARNED... This helps avoid injury, damage, commercial disputes, engineering failure, disconnects between collaborating departments and contractors, inefficiencies, functional deficiencies, and other very negative outcomes... risky to ignore such good global 'LESSONS LEARNED' advice...".

- End of Article Part C -


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