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Happiness is ... an Aligned Team

(2019-03-26 Rev.2022-07-03)

Working together for multiple projects, receiving thorough training, and getting feedback from a top notch Superintendent... high performance crews are very familiar with who has to do what (i.e. Work Processes) during their many activities.

These could be complex or basic activities such as silt fence installation, dewatering, pile driving, formwork installation, rebar installation, concrete placements (including the meticulous deck pour).

It may also include cost or quality evaluations such as QA/QC processes, quantities calculations submissions, joint review of monthly progress payment estimates, and posing for pictures with the young Resident Engineer who's barely out of university at the time, LOL (I was slimmer in the early 1990's, yes?) .

The team becomes better ALIGNED, more efficient, happier, and most importantly SAFER!!!

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