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Complex Projects Alignment Part A


QUESTION: What are examples of Project 'Role' Titles that can be functionally unclear on projects?

For instance: (a) Project Controls Manager, Controller, (Instrumentation and...) Controls Engineer; (b) Project Engineer, Lead Engineer, Lead Discipline Engineer (c) Project Coordinator, Project Interface Manager, Assistant PM, Deputy PM, (d) Etc ... Other role titles?

Further to our "Alignment" topic posted on 2019-04-13, simple projects such as placing concrete slabs usually run much smoother & safer with team alignment because the number of stakeholders are fewer.

It could be disastrous for complex projects to try to proceed without ensuring clear alignment of personnel & key stakeholders.

PROBLEM: Even with rigorous documentation of project team roles, these long & boring procedural documents ‘alone’ are seldom read & often unclear. Also, miles of text can still overlook things for your specific project.

To add to this, team members sourced elsewhere might rely on their own unique understandings of these terms, & this might add to serious project gaps, overlaps, & delays. Any disconnects & confrontations at the start of project stages are bad for everyone.

SUGGESTION: Project Alignment Sessions.



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