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ANNOUNCEMENT: Phonse Fagan Publishes 2 Books about Physics


We are proud to announce that our associate, geophysicist, and educator Phonse Fagan has recently published two books focused on explaining “deep physics” to the life-long learner or budding young scientist. The book descriptions are copied below.

Mind Openers 1.0: A Conceptual Review of Modern Physics chronicles how the astounding discoveries of modern physics have fundamentally changed our understanding of reality. Using a mix of historical narrative, intuitive analogies, and graphics - the book explores, explains, and wonders at meaning of our deepest theories.

Key topics include:

• History of science

• Relativity

• Quantum theory

• String Theory

• Loop quantum gravity

• Cosmology

Mind Openers 2.0: A Conceptual Reinterpretation of Modern Physics takes a fresh look at relativity, cosmology, and quantum theory by imagining a “sandbox universe”, in which space and time are treated as tangible and visualizable phenomena. In addition to providing an intuitive feel for the physics, the model makes a number of acutely unexpected predictions.

Key topics include:

• Newtonian physics

• Relativity

• Quantum theory

• Entanglement

• Multiverse

• Metaphysics

The books are available in hardcopy or Kindle format, and accessible via the Amazon website through these links: Mind Openers 1.0 and Mind Openers 2.0 . For more information, you may also visit the Facebook page:

Our team congratulates Phonse on completing this challenging project and wishes him success in further endeavors and book sales.

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