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Alarming: Lack of Safety & PPE on Industry Demos

(2023-06-03) I CONTINUE TO BE AMAZED with this. It is also ALARMING with potential serious danger. There are so many POSTED video and photo demonstrations about recommended products, equipment, and construction techniques.

Most of these visual posts are issued for the author's purpose of providing "advice" or promotion of "a better way/machine". HOWEVER, too frequently these workers...

.... do NOT have:

- Safety Glasses

- Steel Toe Safety Boots

- Safety Gloves

- Hard Hats

- Other basic worksite Health and Safety precautions.

Though very unfortunate, it's not a surprise that workplace regulations and supervisory diligence vary in different locations. The fact that it carries into many of the construction-fabrication-maintenance themed "ADVICE" videos is quite a mystery to me.

Of course, Safety always needs to be the PRIORITY in a workplace, regardless of whether it's visible to outsiders or not.

YET, good SHER practices can be easily encouraged with countless numbers of people, especially new/young workers, when they see photos and videos of construction techniques or products "done correctly".


(End of Project Management Article)

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