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Upcoming Event: 2-Day Workshop, 11-12Jun2018, St. John's, NL

REGISTRATION DEADLINE is 05June2018, at Close-of-Business


Gary Kennedy, P. Eng., PMP, of Linear Project Services Inc (LPS), a member of the AvaLantic Alliance, is hosting a two (2)-day Project Management Workshop on 11Jun2018 to 12Jun2018 entitled:

"Cost Control: Work Measurement Using

Earned Value Techniques".

Linear Project Services Inc. (LPS) offers an interactive two (2) day training workshop in St. John’s, NL, to enhance project team members’ cost control skills. The main thrust of this workshop is to empower the project team to develop an Earned Value performance system that will provide the necessary tools to measure the status of the project accurately & expediently.

Course Outline:
All sections of the workshop will be supplemented with both theoretical and practical knowledge as well as numerous examples. Class participation is highly encouraged. At the end of each section, the class will break into groups to work on exercises that are cumulative in nature. Each group will then be asked to present their results to the remainder of the class.


  • Introduction To Earned Value: The Basics;

  • Developing the Baseline;

  • Understanding how to “Earn” value - Performance Measurement System;

  • Establishing the Budget at Completion and Judging Performance;

  • Forecasting the Estimate to Complete;

  • Comparing the budget and the estimate at completion;

  • Building the Plan:

    • Establishing the Work Breakdown Structure (what will be done);

    • Establishing the Organization Breakdown Structure (who will do it);

    • The Cost Account (the intersection of the WBS and the OBS);

    • The Planning Package;

    • The Work Package;

    • Undistributed Budget;

    • Management Reserve;

    • Change Control;

  • Using the Data for Project Decision Making;

  • Class Exercises.


Course Objectives:

  • Learn terminology and indicators for earned value (EV) performance measurement;

  • Develop a performance measurement system using various EV methodologies;

  • Introduce basic scheduling techniques for determining scheduled EV;

  • Develop & interpret multi-level variance reports based upon the EV measurement system;

  • Forecast the Estimate to Complete and the Estimate at Completion using EV data.


Who Should Attend:

  • This workshop targets professionals who need to interpret and utilize reports of an effective project controls system,  such as:

    • Project Managers;

    • Project Team Members; and,

    • Project Stakeholders.


  • ​​​Fees Include: Course Manual & Handouts, Lunch and Coffee Breaks, Course Certificates;

  • Registration Fee:    $865.00 CAD + 13% HST = $977.45 CAD ea;

  • Contact AvaLantic using the below form to ask about GROUP RATES.


To request further information and a Registration Form for this Workshop, please fill in the below fields and click "Send":

REGISTRATION DEADLINE is 05June2018, at Close-of-Business

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When not out on the front lines of projects performing specific roles in construction, fabrication, work process development, and other types of projects, LPS Inc president

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We believe in an interactive and light-hearted approach to demonstrate recommended Project Management methodologies and real-life project management issues in a variety of industry sectors.

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