Projects Gallery of Gary Kennedy

East Wilson Bridge 1995
Excellent Contractor Crew Preparing for Deck Pour
Hibernia GBS 1994
Nfld Transshipment Tank Farm
Newfoundland Transshipment Tank Farm, for Oil Storage and Global Distribution.
Sea Rose FPSO Regulatory
Trans Labrador Hwy 1994
CIP Overpass NS Toll HWY 104
Ferry Fleet PM System NL with PMC
Detailed Marine Project Management System Developed Jointly via LPS Inc (Kennedy team) & PMC (Poseidon Marine Consultants Ltd)
Offshore NL Exploration Regulations
Bull Arm Fab Site Infrastructure
Cumberland Brook Bridge, NS
NARL PM Consulting 2007-13
North Atlantic Refining Project Management Consulting 2007-2013
Hebron Barges - HGOE 2013
Tension Barges Refurbishment by Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises -Hebron Gravity Base Structure Project
Nfld Transshipment Project 1998
Offshore Regs - White Rose Project
TLH Upper Brook 1994
Trans Labrador Highway construction, blasted rock in remote territory.
Trans Labrador Highway
FPSO - Fabrication Infrastructure
Offshore Benefits Reviews - Terra Nova Project
East Wilson Bridge
TLH Bridge - Steel Girders
Steel Girders Placed by Crane for East Wilson Bridge, 1995 Trans Labrador Highway.
Cougar Helicopters Enhancements 2010
NS Toll Highway 104
Aerial Review Highway 104
Petroleum Exploration Support
Petroleum Exploration Support and Supplier Development
HGOE Tension Barges Refurb
2013 Hebron GBS Tension Barges Refurbishment - Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises.
East Wilson Bridge Deck Pour
Trans Labrador Highway, East Wilson Bridge, 1995.
TC Long Pond Wharf Refurb
Transport Canada Harbours and Ports Wharf and Breakwater Repairs 1999.
Project Management Training
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Cougar Helicopters Enhancements 2010